Office Hours

Office Hours

GIA is excited to announce the launch of open office hours dedicated to answering questions about completing the Better FAFSA/CADAA.

These office hours are open to partners and students and are made possible through the support of GIA and its Action Network Teams.

Whether you need assistance with specific sections, have questions about eligibility requirements, or want to gain a deeper understanding of the application process, our team is here to help.

All sessions are open from 3:30-7:30 PM PST. Participants may join at any time.

July Office Hours:

Jul 3, 2024

Jul 4, 2024

Jul 5, 2024

Jul 8, 2024

Jul 9, 2024

Jul 10, 2024

Jul 11, 2024

Jul 12, 2024

Jul 15, 2024

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Jul 17, 2024

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Jul 19, 2024

Jul 22, 2024

Jul 23, 2024

Jul 24, 2024

Jul 25, 2024

Jul 26, 2024

Jul 29, 2024

Jul 30, 2024

Jul 31, 2024

Financial Aid Checklist

Financial Aid Checklist

Step 1: Figure out which application is right for you

You only need to apply with ONE depending on certain qualifications: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act Application (CADAA).

Apply with CADAA if you:

  • Are Undocumented (with or without DACA)
  • Have a U-Visa
  • Have Temporary Protected Status

Apply with FAFSA if you:

  • Are a U.S. Citizen
  • Are a Permanent Resident (Green Card)
  • Are an eligible non-citizen
Step 2: Gather the required information & documents

If you’re a student:

  • Student FSA ID/Login Info (for FAFSA only)
  • Social Security Number (if applicable)
  • Alien Registration Number (if applicable)
  • 2022 Federal Income Tax Return (if applicable)
  • List of schools you’re interested in attending

If you’re the parent/contributor:

  • Contributor FSA/ID Login Info (for FAFSA only)
  • 2022 Federal Income Tax Return
  • Amount in checking & savings accounts
  • Untaxed income such as child support received
  • Assets like businesses, investments, real estate, etc. (Not including retirement or primary residence).
Step 3: Create your FSA-ID

Whether you’re a student, parent, or borrower, you’ll need to create your own account (FSA-ID) to apply for, receive, and manage your federal student aid.

  • You must have an account to do the following:
  • Fill out the FAFSA or CADAA form online (See #1 above to choose your form)
  • Complete other online forms (such as the Master Promissory Note) if required
  • Review the federal student aid you’ve received
Step 4: Apply for financial aid… Don’t delay!

The FAFSA application is now OPEN for 2024-2025. The submission deadline is April 2, 2024.

Questions? Visit to get free help from financial aid experts!
Deadline for California Community College students is Sept 3, 2024.